What can help me cope with missing my child?


It’s easy for a recently divorced father to miss spending time with his children whenever he wants. And for a man who is especially involved in his child’s life, the hours spent separated can be filled with loneliness. You may even miss the difficult moments when your child misbehaves and needs to be disciplined because this too is done with love.

And while such are your circumstances, there are ways to make things easier on yourself when your ex has your child. For example, when your child is with you, take plenty of pictures. You can keep the snapshots on your phone, framed on your desk or even use one as wallpaper for your computer. Simply looking at the pictures can cheer you up as you relive the good times you’ve had together.

The pictures you take will last a lifetime and can give you a quick lift when you’re missing your child. But of course, nothing will replace the child’s physical presence. And your sense of longing could be made that much worse if your ex is not adhering to your custody agreement and blocking you from seeing your children.

Regardless of the situation, unless your ex has gone to a judge and had the agreement modified, the terms must be obeyed and you should be granted the allocated time to be with your child. So if this has become an issue, you may want to contact a family law attorney. The attorney can help you take the steps necessary to ensure that you and your child can continue to spend time together.

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