We can help you deal with relocation issues in child custody

We can help you deal with relocation issues in child custody

Divorcing parents must deal with the type of child custody that is best for their children. But there are other child custody issues that may arise even after the custody agreement is settled, including relocation.

When a marriage ends, ex-spouses want to start over and move on from their divorce. Divorced parents may feel the same, particularly if they want to protect their children from the emotional conflicts related to their separation. While any legal team understands this kind of situation, relocating with a child is not an easy road. For example, even if one parent was awarded custody of the child, that parent does not have the right to move away to another neighborhood or state just because they want to. Although there are no laws in California that ban parents from relocating, the state forbids a custodial parent from moving away without the consent of the non-custodial parent. Relocation can also complicate the custody and visitation arrangements between the two parents.

Under such circumstances, we can help parents prove that relocating would benefit their child. We may present vital information that can show that a new environment post-divorce will allow the child to more smoothly accept the parents’ separation. Our firm can also work with other professionals that may illustrate that a new living environment, school and community would help the child’s emotional well-being.

Given that no parent wants to live apart from their children, relocation issues can be a great concern for both the parents and the child. However, if both parents are aware of their parental rights and responsibilities in helping the child to cope with the divorce, providing a child with a new living environment is possible. For more information on this topic, you may wish to visit our website.

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