We can help with your child support issues

We can help with your child support issues

Raising a child nowadays can be expensive. The cost of child care is rapidly increasing, together with school expenses, health care and everyday expenses. Such financial needs are the worry of many two-income families in Orange County, California. The child support issue may be an even bigger problem with non-custodial parents.

Child support is the monthly financial support provided by the non-custodial parent. Child support issues may sound simple for many people, but often, they are complicated. Our firm has faced different types of situations related to child support, ranging from the establishment of the child support order to child support modification. Many divorcing parents are also very concerned about determining the child support amount during the divorce process because it will support the child’s financial needs and care, which may cause disputes between the parents.

Under such circumstances, we can guide parents on how to deal with their particular situation. In California, the child support amount is based upon various factors, such as source income of both parents, age, physical and medical condition of the child and the capacity of the non-residential parent to support the child financially. That means that both parents have a say in determining the reasonable amount of child support, not only the non-custodial parent. We can calculate the amount of child support, based on those factors, keeping in mind the best interests of the child.

Additionally, the involvement of each parent in the child’s life is a big factor in California’s child support calculation. That means that the non-custodial parent who spends time with the child on a regular basis may be able to get the amount of child support reduced. Our child support webpage has helpful information that parents may find valuable when dealing with complex child support issues.

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