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When a couple decides to get married, there are many things that demand careful planning before the wedding. But while most of those plans involve the wedding itself, some of the most important work an engaged couple can do is to create a prenuptial agreement. Unfortunately, many couples don’t know how to approach the issue because of common misconceptions about what a prenuptial agreement is and why two people might use one.

If you struggle to talk about a prenuptial agreement with the person you want to marry, you are certainly not alone. Many people feel that prenuptial agreements signify reservations about the sincerity of a couple’s love for each other, or weaken a marriage by providing an express lane for divorce when difficulties arise in the relationship. While these are defensible perspectives, they fail to acknowledge the many ways that prenuptial agreements can strengthen a relationship and protect a marriage that goes the distance.

Prenuptial agreements document a couple’s expectations about financial matters and some related behavior, and establishes protections around a couple’s priorities. While some cynical people may use one to give themselves a quick escape from a marriage, that is merely the choice of the person, not the indelible nature of the document. For instance, a couple can use a prenuptial agreement to protect each other’s property from their respective debt. Under such protection, a creditor cannot pursue a debtor’s spouse’s property to satisfy a debt. It is clear to see how this protection can relieve enormous tensions in a relationship and strengthen it.

If one spouse owns a business, it is a wise and responsible choice to separate the business from the marriage legally and financially. This way, if the business fails, the marriage may more easily survive. Likewise, if the marriage fails, employees of the business don’t have to fear for their job safety.

These are only two examples among many. If you want to sign a prenuptial agreement before you get married, you may consider approaching the issue with a conversation about financial expectations or protecting each other in many areas. Most partners find it much easier to fairly consider prenuptial agreements if they are framed in a loving way. With the guidance of an experienced family law attorney, you can strengthen your marriage for years to come!

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