Tips for Dealing With Child Custody And A New School Year


Now that the school year is here, it is time for parents to evaluate the way that they have things set up for their child’s education. One thing that must be established is how both parents are going to remain involved in the child’s educational life. Children tend to do better when they know that both parents are supporting them.

It is usually a good idea to touch base with the new teachers and the administration at the school to ensure that they know which parent needs to be contacted about school matters. While only one parent might get phone calls about certain matters, you might ask that both parents are included in emails.

Another thing to do is discuss how both parents are going to be notified of school events. The children will probably want both parents at the school play or an awards ceremony. While you are refreshing the notification methods, you can also talk about the conduct that is expected at these events. Ideally, you and your ex can agree to only focus on the kids during these times. Any matters that need to be resolved should be left alone while you are there.

Both parents might be able to help the child adjust to the school schedule. Things like a consistent bedtime and having a dedicated time to study can be beneficial. You and your ex might come up with a plan so that both homes have the same times for those daily events.

No matter what is decided, you should put it into the parenting plan. This takes out the chance of questions coming up later about the points that have been decided on.

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