Think carefully about the reality of what a divorce does for you


Many different things come up in a divorce that you might not expect. We recently discussed what might happen to your ex’s debts when you go through the divorce. You might not have ever thought about this, but it is something that some people have to consider.

We understand that you might have some questions and concerns about the property division process. This is something that can be complicated in California, but we are here to help you exercise your rights in accordance with the state’s statutes.

When you hear property division, you might only think of assets, but marital debts are divided during this process. In many cases, the debts are used to balance out the assets so that each party has an equitable share when they walk away from the marriage.

As you divide up the assets and debts of the marriage, you have to think about the long-term implications of the different options you have. Keeping the vacation home might seem like a good idea, but you have to determine if you will have time to use it and you will have to balance out the upkeep and costs to keep it.

If you think the property division process is difficult, you should think about how hard it is to come up with a parenting plan. When a couple has children, they can’t divorce and be done with each other. Instead, they will still have to be civil for the children.

We realize that you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the process. We can help you learn about your options so that you might feel comfortable choosing which one you are going to follow.

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