Things to consider when getting a prenuptial agreement

Things to consider when getting a prenuptial agreement

Whenever someone is making a major decision that could have an impact on their life, they may ask themselves questions to help them determine what road they should travel down. For couples that are getting married, the decision they may be battling with isn’t always if they are doing the right thing, but whether or not they should get a prenuptial agreement. While these agreements are a great way for people to protect themselves, some couples may not be sure if they should get one because they may not know if it is necessary. This is the exact reason they should take the time to consider what types of people get prenups and if they fit into that category.

The following are things people should considering when deciding whether or not to get a prenuptial agreement:

  • What assets do I have and how much are they worth?
  • Do I own any real estate?
  • What is my yearly income?
  • Do I own a business or part of a business?

Many people who decide to get a prenup, or a marital contract have a significant amount of assets, make over $100,000 a year and stand to lose a lot should they divorce their spouse later down the line. This does not mean that those with less shouldn’t get prenups. In fact, anyone who has anything to lose in a divorce and wants to protect themselves may find that a prenup is the best way for them to do this, no matter what they own or how much money they make every year.

Prenuptial agreements are not something that people look forward to talking about. Although they are not viewed as romantic, anyone who had one would likely say that it was a wise decision, especially if they went through a divorce and were able to keep their property and assets. Anyone who is considering getting a prenuptial agreement can speak with an attorney as they can answer any questions you may have and assist with negotiations and the drafting of this document.

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