The social media game in high net worth divorce cases

The social media game in high net worth divorce cases

When it comes to divorce in California, there usually is a lot at stake for both parties. Real property, homes, businesses and retirement accounts, these are all on the table once the divorce process is initiated. However, the stakes are magnified when the divorce involves high net worth individuals. Any individual in the middle of a divorce should be very cautious about social media use. This is even more important for those in a high asset divorce.

The rules of divorce have changed since the rise of social media. Photos, texts, messages and pictures can all be admitted as evidence in a divorce case. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms can all contain bits of information and details that the user may not want disclosed in a divorce.

Why is this so potentially explosive for high net worth divorce cases? With so many assets at stake, some parties may engage in ill-advised practices such as hiding assets and even business assets. Yet these attempts can sometimes be squashed when a photo or post on social media can inadvertently expose the lie.

Furthermore, social media can expose secret relationships and extramarital affairs. While adultery is not a factor in a California divorce, it can still cause increased tensions and unnecessary disputes when a divorce case was going smoothly otherwise.

So, what are some tips for those in a divorce and the use of social media? Avoid the platforms altogether. You may say something on the Internet that is forever engrained and can’t take back. No matter how much restraint you think you may have, emotions can take over. Do not post pictures. Do not try to contact your spouse. Do not make even passive statements. You never know what could be used against you, so avoiding social media is your best bet.

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