Steps to take after abducted child is returned from other parent

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Steps to take after abducted child is returned from other parent

Child custody disputes are never easy to deal with. On top of having to deal with the emotions of just getting divorced or ending their relationship, they will have to deal with the emotions they will feel about losing their child or not seeing him or her as much. Any parent would agree that this is difficult, but that doesn’t mean a child custody dispute can’t be handled in a mature manner. Ideally, that is what will be done because there is a child involved, but parents don’t always behave this way and do what is best for the child.

Sometimes, when parents do not agree with the court order and the child custody arrangement, they will decide to take matters into their own hands. This often means that they decide to violate the court order and keep the child when they are not supposed to or take the child when it is not their assigned time to have them. This can be considered kidnapping and it can have a negative impact on the other parent, the child, and the relationship they have with the parent who took them.

When a child has been abducted, after they are returned to their custodial parent, there may a request to change the custody order. No parent will like that their child was taken or kept from them, so when they make this request, they may wish to have the other parent’s custody rights temporarily or permanently removed. This decision will be left up to the judge, so depending on their thoughts on the situation, and the state laws, they may not be able to spend time with their child for quite some time.

It would be great if all parents got along and worked together to co-parent, but this doesn’t always happen. It is common for parents to experience difficulty, especially when adjusting to a new child custody arrangement, but that doesn’t mean they can deny the other parent their rights. Whenever a parent has violated the custody order, action should be taken. An attorney may be able to assist in resolving this issue.

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