Status update: Is Facebook causing more divorces?

Many people agree that one of the most important changes that are announced on Facebook is specific to a person’s relationship status. Changing from a status of “single” to “married” welcomes many likes and positive comments. However, changing a status from “married” to “divorced” can be surprisingly emotional and difficult for some California couples. But could Facebook be more than just a place to announce a relationship change? Could it actually be the reason for the dissolution of a marriage?

For some time now, it has been widely known that Facebook can be used to uncover illicit behavior or extramarital relationships. A spouse may accidentally leave a computer logged into his or her account and the other spouse can access information that is not available publicly. Additionally, negative, dangerous or incriminating statements made during the course of divorce may be used against a spouse.

A new report, however, suggests that Facebook is more than just a place to find evidence. It may also be the place where a person begins an affair or rekindles the flame with an old love. The process of developing an extramarital relationship used to take weeks or months, but with Facebook, it can happen in a much shorter amount of time. It may also make these illicit relationships more accessible, tempting people who would otherwise not seek one out.

The accessibility of companionship is easier than ever. With the popularity of Facebook, it can be quite simple to reconnect with people or befriend a person you may have only met once or twice. What may start as a relatively innocent connection can quickly change into the reason a couple ends up getting divorced.

Whether behavior on Facebook is the evidence of or cause for an affair, seeking legal support during a divorce can be very helpful. From working to expose illicit behavior to uncovering hidden assets, an attorney will be able to advise a person on what legal avenues are available.

Source: Smart Money, “Does Facebook Wreck Marriages?” Quentin Fottrell, May 21, 2012

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