Special needs parents need appropriate child support

Special needs parents need appropriate child support

Being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs imaginable. You are responsible for the care, growth, development and happiness of another human being who is totally dependent on you. While it can be gratifying to meet these demands, it can also be emotionally draining and even a bit scary at times. It is so easy to worry if you are doing things correctly and if your child is on the path to becoming a healthy and productive adult.

But parenting challenges are even more daunting for those whose children have special needs. As one mother writes, a special needs parent has more things to worry about. For example, special needs parents have extra concerns regarding their children’s ability to receive acceptance from the rest of the world. And this can be especially difficult for children who may be overwhelmed by playing with others or engaging in other social activities.

Special needs parents must also invest a lot of time, energy and money providing their children with the medical care and treatment they need, which can take a toll. It is very easy for a parent to feel tired and isolated. And this situation can be made all the more difficult if a parent is divorced and having to do most of the work alone.

If you are divorcing and have a special needs child, you are likely entitled to a level of child support that accommodates the extra costs necessary to provide proper care. But to make sure that you do receive an amount that ensures your child will not be left wanting, you may want to have an attorney represent your interests. An attorney can assess your child’s present and future needs and work to have the terms of support set appropriately.

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