Single mothers often must carry a heavy load alone


Raising a child as a single mother can be extremely challenging. And you are not alone if you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your many responsibilities. The fact is, most single mothers have a variety of issues with which they must contend. But there are several broad areas that seem to be particularly daunting.

One of the most stressful aspects of being a single mother is having to make most if not all, of the important decisions on your own. Many of the choices you must make for your children are not cut and dried, but rather reside in gray areas. Without having someone else with whom to confer, you may worry if you are making the best decisions or if it’s time to make certain adjustments as your children get older.

For example, it is not uncommon for single mothers to experience social isolation. You have so many important things to tend to, it can be very difficult to find time to spend with other adults. You may not be able to maintain friendships or establish a long-term relationship. You may even feel guilty being away from your children when trying to have some personal time with other people.

And of course, your household finances are probably a constant concern. Even if you are receiving child support, children are expensive, and you may be working one or more jobs just to cover your expenses. And if your child’s other parent is not fulfilling his support obligations, you could be facing real financial hardships.

In such cases, seeking the services of an experienced family attorney could be a very prudent move. The attorney could help you get the support payments resumed and even work in an effort to make sure that you’ll also receive the delinquent payments.

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