Resolving child support issues through a mobile application

From communication to entertainment to information, technology has its own way of dominating the lives of American families, particularly those in Orange County, California. In a recent mobile application by Ittavi, it seems that technology is also finding a way to resolve family law issues, such as child support.

In a California divorce, child support is often an issue that may draw both divorced parents into arguments and conflicting opinions. This may be a typical scenario after divorce when the custodial parent asks for the child support or the supporting parent fails to provide the payment on time. There are also various complaints as well because of child support payments. Due to this, Ittavi, a California-based company, developed a mobile application called “Support Pay.” Support Pay is an online service that may permit divorced parents to settle child support payments without the arguments.

Support Pay allows a divorced parent to track, organize and pay the child support for their children. With this app, the parent may use a mobile device to snap and upload a picture of the receipt of child care expenses and other basic necessities. The uploaded image will appear in the Support Pay interface. That way, the supporting parent will be assured that the child support payment is spent on the child. In Support Pay, splitting the bills is easier and less stressful for both divorced parents.

Child support is an important element in family law issues. In fact, it is so important that even technology is trying to solve the issue of many parents today. Although, Support Pay may sound beneficial for the divorced parent and the child, there are still other issues that need to be considered in child support. Some of those issues may involve child support modifications and child support enforcement.

Source: Tech Hive, “SupportPay is an app to take on deadbeat dads,” Martyn Williams, Oct.17, 2013

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