Rap artist can now perform abroad after paying child support debt

Rap artist can now perform abroad after paying child support debt

Many Orange County, California, residents may wonder why some celebrities face unpaid bills, despite their high-income in the entertainment industry. For example, child support is a liability that some celebrities seem to have a difficult time managing. Whatever the reasons, every parent should be responsible and provide child support payments on time for the benefit of their children. In addition, the obligor will likely want to avoid the potential penalties for failure to pay child support.

The well-known rap artist, DMX, made headlines again after he recently settled his unpaid child support case. According to a report, the rap artist paid a large amount of money to settle his child support debt which was worth about $1 million. Now that the child support case is completed, the rapper can go overseas and perform.

Earlier, the mother of his child accused the rapper of failing to pay child support for over 10 years. The woman alleged that DMX owed roughly $1 million in back child support. This debt prevented him from getting a passport, and forced him to miss out on some shows outside of the country.

DMX filed for bankruptcy in 2013 after experiencing financial setbacks; much of it from his back child support. His latest bankruptcy filing was dismissed because of inaccuracies regarding his income and assets.

This child support case can serve to remind California parents how unpaid child support can lead to major consequences. Non-paying parents may face penalties including wage garnishment, the revoking of a passport or driver’s license or jail time. However, if parents think that they have a valid reason to ask for child support modification, they must present their case accurately and honestly to a family law court.

Source: UPI, “DMX settles $1M child support case” Dec. 28, 2013

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