Providing alternatives for your child custody case

Providing alternatives for your child custody case

Parenting a child is an everyday challenge in California. Parents need to ensure that they are meeting the needs of their child, both emotionally and financially. These requirements become more challenging if the child’s parents decide to go separate ways. Under these circumstances, child custody is usually the most complicated part of a divorce.

As explained on our child custody webpage, these issues range from the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent to the amount of parenting time for each spouse and the relocation of the children. Each of these issues may have a negative impact on a child. Children may not thoroughly understand why mom and dad are getting divorced. Sometimes children even blame themselves for the parents’ separation.

This potential negative effect is one of the reasons why our firm strives for the best outcome in every child custody case. We understand how challenging and complicated it is for parents and children to stand before a judge to determine the rest of their lives. However, our legal team can offer an alternative dispute resolution options that can lessen the conflicts and delays associated with litigation of child custody.

Divorce mediation, for example, encourages good communication between parents by helping them negotiate the child custody agreement without the court’s input and litigation. Mediation may make it easier for both parents to maintain a good relationship with their children in spite of the divorce. Custody mediation also protects children from the contentious disagreements and conflicts usually present in a child custody battle.

Child custody is not just about determining which parent is better suited and most fit to be the primary caregiver. It is also about helping children transition to a post-divorce life without too much stress and anxiety. Divorce may be complicated but if the parents’ decisions are in best interests of the child, mediating a good child custody settlement should be simple.

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