Preparing clients for property division scenarios in a divorce

Preparing clients for property division scenarios in a divorce

When a California couple gets married, each spouse tends to work hard in order to develop a successful career. Their hard work not only earns a good income but also secures their household’s finances and financial stability. However, when the relationship goes downhill and ends in a divorce, everything that the couple worked hard for such as their bank accounts, business assets, furniture and even their marital home can be at stake during property division. This is one of the reasons why property division is among the most complicated tasks in a divorce.

Under such circumstances, many Californians who are not familiar with the legal issues and family law concerns of a divorce may worry about their financial stability. Fortunately, our Orange County-based law firm knows how to deal with these issues, particularly the financial aspects of it. Our team understands how challenging it is for a couple to deal with their failed relationship and still make important financial decisions. However, the guidance we can provide to divorcing spouses may allow them to look at the bigger picture rather than focus on their emotions.

We will try to explain what can happen to the marital properties or the assets they acquired during their marriage. Our team may be able to show why proper appraisal and valuation of the marital properties is important, particularly in a community property state like California. California uses community property division, and the marital property and assets of the divorcing couples are divided equally. Due to this, our team focuses on identifying assets subject to the division in order to provide clients with a fair and reasonable share in the distribution.

Trying to overcome the difficulties of getting a divorce and dealing with property division at the same time can be overwhelming. However, our firm’s legal insight may help spouses prepare for any divorce scenario.

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