Premarital agreements can’t be one-sided contracts


The importance to prenuptial agreements is something that escapes many people. Some people falsely believe that they only need a premarital agreement if they have a lot of assets or make a lot of money. This isn’t the case at all. A prenuptial agreement can help anyone to ensure they are protected in the event of a divorce.

We know that you might have to get some questions answered before you decide whether a prenuptial agreement is right for you. Before you embark on the process of coming up with one, you should make sure that you understand what can and can’t be included in the document.

You can’t include anything regarding child support in a premarital agreement. You also can’t have wording that would limit one parent’s involvement with a child if the marriage ends.

You can have points in the agreement that keep inheritances you receive safe from the property division proceedings. You would still need to take steps to ensure that these assets are handled properly during the marriage.

We know that the subject of prenuptial agreements is one that is very sensitive. You and your betrothed should understand that this contract is meant to protect both of you and can’t be one-sided. Courts will likely throw out agreements that heavily favor one side over the other, so be sure that you are thinking about this when you draft the document.

We can help you to determine what points to include and how to handle difficult matters that must be addressed in order for the agreement to provide sufficient protections for you and your future spouse.

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