Parenting time can be fun in Orange County


Now that the summer months are closing in on us, parents can start to make fun plans for spending time with the kids. These don’t have to be vacations far away. Instead, they can be day trips to local attractions that provide everyone with an enjoyable day. Many things to do in this area also have an educational element that can help to keep your child’s mind sharp during these months off of school.

Taking a day to visit Disney or Knott’s Berry Farm is sure to be fun, but you might not relish the thought of having to stand in line most of the day to get onto the rides. There is also the waterpark that is associated with Knott’s Berry Farm, but it has limited hours some parts of the year.

You might prefer a day in the sand at one of the local beaches. Just remember that the beaches might be especially crowded during the weekends, but going on a weekday morning might prove to be a bit less crowded.

Another option that you have is the Discovery Science Center, which houses interactive exhibits that can help children to explore various scientific concepts. Some exhibits are temporary, so there might be something new to explore.

Bowers Museum is another place that has a lot of things for children to do. The Kidseum here offers younger children hands-on attractions that can help them learn about culture and arts.

Older children might enjoy spending time at the Flight Deck Air Combat Center. Only people 11 and older can participate, so skip this one if you have little ones.

Other activities like hiking, whale watching and indoor play zones are also fun for some children. The good news is that when you are enjoying the local activities, you likely won’t have to worry about things like getting the court’s permission for a vacation. Plus, you can enjoy the parenting time you have with your children.

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