New study shows that student loan debt led to divorce


A new study released by Student Loan Hero recently has found that student loan debt has caused quite a few couples to get divorced. Divorce is most commonly caused by infidelity, credit-card debt, anger issues, violence, trust issues and more.

You can now add student loan debt to the list of causes. Money issues have long been a cause of divorce and it comes as no surprise that student loan debt has been named as a root cause.

The survey also found that couples that have student loan debt are more likely to prolong filing for a divorce because of the cost associated with it. One-third of those who responded to the survey, or 35 percent, said that they delayed filing because they simply could not afford it at the time. This was compared to 24 percent of couples surveyed that did not have any student loan debt.

The same survey found that people who got divorced wound up changing their money habits because the divorce was caused by bad money habits. The survey found that some seven in 10 divorcees noted that they changed their money habits following their divorce. This was the case for people who had student loan debt and those who did not have this type of debt.

If you are dealing with a lot of student loan debt on top of credit-card debt and a mortgage you might run into a lot of problems with your marriage. It’s best to know ahead of time what going through a divorce is like so you are prepared when the time comes.

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