Money problems and marriage: Can a prenup help?

Elizabeth Holmes recently married the owner of Evans Hotels in a secret ceremony. Some wonder if the marriage was an attempt for Holmes to gain access to money for her legal fees. Holmes is currently facing fraud charges in relation to Theranos, a blood-testing company.

Acccording to some professionals, there are some things that can be done before you get married that can help protect your money. Consider the following:

Learn all you can about your fiance’s legal and financial problems.

It would be a good idea to speak to your attorney to see how the problems will affect your bottom line. He or she can help you make a determination about how to protect your businesses and wealth and still provide support for your new spouse.

Get copies of both credit reports

This can help you see all the issues your spouse is dealing with. While the credit report won’t let you see what legal issues must be dealt with, you can learn more about the resources that are available.

Talk to a marriage counselor

You want to make choices that will be the least damaging. Not only can financial problems cause problems with business, but they can also cause problems in your marriage. By starting counseling now, you can head off problems within your relationship.

Find out if your prenuptial agreement will provide the protection you need or if you are already are married, see if a post-nuptial will help.

Business and family issues can be difficult to keep separate, but a prenuptial agreement can do just that. Speak to an experienced attorney learn more.

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