Mistakes that affect California parents’ ability to co-parent

Mistakes that affect California parents’ ability to co-parent

Every child in Orange County, California, deserves a happy family. However, in some situations, divorce changes the family dynamic and that happy family becomes more difficult to achieve. For some children, divorce can seem like an infection that can kill the love and care their parents provide together. Although young children are not mature enough to understand the situation and what their parents are going through, it is the responsibility of both parents to limit the impact of separation on their children.

Limiting such impact is what child custody decisions are all about. Parents may think that the child custody process is all about determining who is the more suitable and fit spouse to parent the child. However, child custody should actually focus on the best interests of the child and it really does not end when the divorce is finalized because both parents should raise their children together as co-parents. Co-parenting is usually challenging for divorced parents and sometimes parents commit mistakes that can result in conflict and stress.

For example, wrath, greed and gluttony can land parents in a situation that affects them and their child. Wrath may prevent a parent from cooperating with an ex-spouse while greed can lead to an ugly custody battle, often hurting the child more than helping. Gluttony is associated with the constant fighting and arguing of both parents about what they want for the child and what they think is best.

Pride is considered as the deadliest sin of all because it is the primary source of heightened emotions and resentment that parents feel toward each other. Pride can prevent both parties from reaching a mutual decision about the well-being of the child.

California residents know that divorce comes with emotional challenges, but the personal issues of both spouses should never affect their ability to successfully co-parent.

Source: The Huffington Post, “7 Deadly Sins of Co-Parenting,” Valerie DeLoach, June 13, 2014

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