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Any case involving family law will likely be one of the hardest and most emotionally draining the average person will go through. Whether you are dealing with a divorce, child custody battle, or domestic violence issue, you need a seasoned family lawyer who can navigate these complex issues.

At The Dorie A. Rogers, APC, we believe that everyone in the area needs an experienced Mission Viejo family law attorney and law firm when dealing with an issue. Led by an attorney with years of experience in family law, we can advocate for you in family court and assist you with any family law issues.

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When you first step into our offices, we will walk you through the entire process, so you will know what to expect. Taking the time to understand your family dynamics and goals, we will help you develop a strategy at our first meeting. From that point forward, we will continue to pursue your rights in accordance with our strategy whether it is with hearings or negotiations until the time of trial or conclusion by settlement.

With our strategic planning we will be prepared from the onset to accomplish our goals regardless of the challenges we encounter. Gathering all of your financial information we will collect a complete picture as we determine if outside experts should be brought in to strengthen your case. We work with a network of forensic accountants, psychologists, and investigators in order to best assist our clients in furthering their goals. We can also refer you to counselors as needed.

The Dorie A. Rogers, APC: Your Mission Viejo Family Law Firm

Family law deserves and requires careful attention. You have to treat the process as a negotiation and work with the other party as much as possible. You also need an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in family law issues and can get you the greatest possible results.

The Dorie A. Rogers, APC, has been in the family law practice for over 30 years. Ms. Rogers saw the effects of divorce firsthand and decided to make a career in helping others deal with similar experiences. Our firm has successfully taken on many cases, which gives us the experience to deal with nearly any situation we encounter.

Ms. Rogers was not always an attorney by trade. She spent time working at an acute psychiatric hospital for children and teenagers. Working in this environment gave her a unique perspective on psychiatry and children; she brings that worldview with her every time she works on a case.

Family Law: the Basics

Family law is one of the larger legal fields for cases in the country, with many focus areas. In essence, family law deals with any legal action that will change an individual’s familial relationship with someone else.

A change in a familial relationship can mean many things. The two practice areas that most people think of when discussing family law are divorces and custody cases. However, family law can include other branches like child visitation.

Some of the aspects included in family law are:

  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Paternity
  • Child custody
  • Guardianship
  • Couple’s mediation
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Alimony
  • Child support

State governments typically handle legislation on family law. As such, you may find that the regulations differ between California and other states. When searching for a family law attorney, make sure that you find someone who has experience in your state.

What Purpose Does a Family Law Attorney Serve?

Family law attorneys are your advocate when you are filing a claim or going to family court. Attorneys are the people who can ensure that your voice is heard during the proceedings.

Many people wonder if they can represent themselves in family court. You are legally allowed to represent yourself in family court, but legal professionals advise against the practice for a few reasons.

Family law is a complicated discipline. There are several details that the layperson will be unfamiliar with, and those details can be the difference between a desired outcome and one you are unhappy with. A judge expects you to have the same knowledge as an attorney when you represent yourself, so you will be at a great disadvantage when you don’t understand something.

Family law, more so than most other disciplines, is inherently emotional. You are already dealing with the effects of a divorce or an argument over child custody. It’s difficult to not allow that emotion to affect your judgment.

A professional family law attorney won’t have the same emotional connection to the situation as you do. Instead, they can offer unbiased advice and help you build a legal strategy. The right attorney can make a difference and help you avoid missing out on something that the other party legally owes you.

If the other party declines to hire an attorney, you may still want to retain one. Having an advocate present can help you avoid running afoul of the legal system. If the other party does take on legal counsel, we recommend hiring an attorney to protect you from being outmaneuvered by a legal professional.

What Cases Might a Family Law Attorney Take On?

As they practice family law, there are many different types of cases that a family attorney might deal with. Not all Mission Viejo family law attorneys and law firms will have experience in every aspect of family law.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious crime and is addressed in family law. It comes in many forms, and California takes domestic violence seriously.

Domestic violence can occur between people who are in a kind of family relationship. It’s most commonly thought of as a married couple, but it includes those who are dating as well.

Domestic violence does not have to be physical violence. You can commit domestic violence through harassment, threats, or manipulation. Domestic violence is not always obvious when you see it.

Having an attorney with you through a domestic violence case in Mission Viejo, CA is highly recommended. These cases have plenty of emotion behind them, and having someone with an unbiased perspective on the problem can help you avoid running into difficult situations.

Custody Decisions

One of the biggest practice areas in family law is custody decisions. California law separates custody into two categories: physical and legal.

Physical custody refers to who houses the child or children. Some couples amicably decide on joint physical custody, while others opt for one parent to handle all the physical custody. A judge may determine which parent gets the sole physical custody by examining living conditions, income, and any history of abuse.

Legal custody covers making decisions for the child. These decisions may include diet, schooling, religion, and medical care. Like physical custody, this form may also be handled jointly or with one parent controlling all decisions.


Divorces can range from simple amicable cases to protracted battles over the terms of the settlement. Having a Mission Viejo family law attorney and law firm on your side is vital for either situation.

Family law attorneys have the training to advocate for your interests during the divorce process. They can help you reach a satisfactory deal and negotiate with the other party without bias or emotional attachment. When you consider alimony and child support, you may be losing the money you are entitled to if you avoid hiring an attorney.

Even in an amicable divorce, an attorney is helpful. They can handle the paperwork to help you avoid any delays in the process and get your divorce finalized as soon as possible.

Mission Viejo Family Law FAQs

Q: Who Pays Attorney Fees in Child Custody Cases in California?

A: The party that pays for your attorney depends on the situation. In some instances, both parties will have to pay for their attorney. However, a judge may rule that one partner has to pay for the other’s legal counsel. A judge can do this if one party has significantly more money or if it is part of the settlement. The court may also have one parent cover a portion of the other’s fees.

Q: How Does a Judge Decide Custody in California?

A: Judges look at a myriad of factors when determining custody. The judge will hear from both of the parents and may speak with the child if they are old enough. Judges also consider the child’s health, the familial bonds between the child and parents, living situation, history of abuse, and schooling situation.

There’s no singular factor a judge will use to determine custody, but they will examine every aspect of your case when making a ruling.

Q: Do I Need a Lawyer for Child Custody in California?

A: You are not required to have a lawyer present when arguing in a child custody case in California. Every citizen is permitted to represent themselves in a court of law.

However, we highly recommend taking on an attorney for any family law cases. An attorney won’t have the same emotional attachment to the case, allowing them to have an unbiased view of the situation. An attorney also better understands the law than a layperson.

Q: How Many Days Before Court Must You Be Served in California for Family Court?

A: Your server must mail papers notifying you of being served at least 16 court days before a court date. The server must also include an additional cushion of five calendar days before the court appointment.

Court days are any day that the court is open. This typically runs from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Calendar days can be weekends or holidays.

The Dorie A. Rogers, APC: Your Seasoned Family Law Attorney

Going through any kind of family law matter is difficult for anyone. It will make things even harder on yourself when you avoid hiring an attorney. Whether it’s a simple amendment to visitation times or a combative divorce, having a seasoned attorney on retainer can help you properly navigate these issues with confidence.

The Dorie A. Rogers, APC, has 30 years of experience in family law. When you need a Mission Viejo family law attorney and law firm on your side, we are skilled and knowledgeable and can advocate for you. Contact us today for help with any family law issues that you’re going through.

Reviews Quotes
“Dorie is a very powerful attorney and a great asset to have on your side in any family legal matter. She is extremely bright and insightful, and I got everything I asked for in my lawsuit.”
Brit B.
“I would strongly recommend Ms. Dorie Rogers for any legal needs. During my Divorce proceedings, Dorie’s professionalism, expertise in Divorce Law and legal skill helped bring my case to a close in both a timely and mutually agreeable manner.

Additionally, Dorie took the time to understand me and my background to better represent me in my case. She showed a level of caring and concern that helped me through a very difficult time. She is an outstanding lawyer and wonderful person.”

Alan M. Greenberg
“Second to none – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dorie to anyone. She was my attorney for my divorce and custody case. She will do everything it takes to get the job done and all with a smile on her face. Her knowledge and expertise will assist anyone in a family law situation get the results they want.”
Todd M.


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