Mindful tips about getting custody

Mindful tips about getting custody

One of the great things about Memorial Day weekend is spending time with family; especially when there are kids around playing and taking time to enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, there are many parents who do not get the opportunity to have these experiences. This can happen because of a number of reasons. Either there is already a court order that awards parenting time during this weekend, or there is no court order at all where a parent could hold an offending parent accountable.

For those parents who are denied parenting time, there are remedies. This post will provide some helpful tips that so that you won’t miss out on time with the kids during the next major holiday.

Stay calm – Of course, this may be easier said than done after you have been affected by a vindictive parent. But the point is that trying to exact revenge could backfire and lead to criminal charges. These can ruin your chances of getting parenting time and custody.

Learn about the law – When it comes to knowing your legal rights, ignorance is not bliss. You must know what your rights are so that you don’t get railroaded by an angry parent and you take the right steps to assert them. An experienced family law attorney can help.

Temper your expectations – Unfortunately, the wheels of justice turn slowly, so a motion to obtain custody and parenting time may not be heard overnight. So keep in mind that custody may not be decided as quickly as you may think.

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