Michigan dad enters guilty plea for massive child support bill


A dad from Michigan has pleaded guilty to a massive child support bill that has accrued over the past couple of decades. The man, known as the “Most Wanted Deadbeat,” issued his guilty plea to a $559,000 bill for child support earlier this month after being captured in Canada. The plea was entered in United States District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

When he is sentenced, the father is facing no more than two years in prison and the payment of restitution. He failed to pay the child support for some 20 years to his former wife in Michigan. The original child support order was issued in his divorce proceedings back in 1989. While on the run, he sold an internet business for roughly $2 million.

The order in 1989 required the man to pay $100 per month in child support. That was eventually reduced because he told the court that he unemployed and disabled. This lowered his monthly payments to $14 for his four children. When the court learned that he sold his business for $2 million, the order was changed yet again, this time for the unreported income.

The man has failed to pay child support since 1996. A warrant for his arrest was issued in 1998. The next wanted person on the deadbeat list owes a paltry $250,000.

Child support agreements are an important part of raising children with the other parent. These agreements must be followed and payments must be made or else there could be serious consequences. Child support helps pay for clothing, housing, food, education, medication and more.

Source: Fox 2 Detroit, “Michigan dad dubbed ‘Most Wanted Deadbeat’ pleads guilty to $559K child support bill,” May 08, 2018

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