Man with 27 children arrested for child support issues

Man with 27 children arrested for child support issues

Even as a marriage ends, there are still some parental responsibilities that remain. One of them is child support. Orange County, California, divorced couples know how important this responsibility is. Parents usually provide for a child’s everyday expenses, medical and educational expenses in part by using child support that they receive. That is why delinquent payments can seriously cause problems for the child as well as for the custodial parent.

Recently, news about a man fathering 27 children and having 21 child support orders has been grabbing national headlines. The 39-year-old man reportedly has 15 daughters and 12 sons from 16 different women. He was arrested for child support-related offenses after his wife issued a complaint. The arrest stemmed from the man’s non-appearance in court for a hearing related to child support. However, he contends that he consistently pays child support for 21 of his 27 children.

The man who works as a poet and performer says that he is a full-time parent and he is doing his best for his children. He even has custody of two of his children. He and his ex’s new-found fame has resulted in his ex-wife’s receiving two talk show invitations, and the situation may wind up on a reality television show.

Orange County parents know that paying child support for a single child is hard enough; doing so for 27 children can really be problematic. Fortunately, this situation is an isolated case.

For whatever reasons, a parent having trouble making payments should realize that he or she has a legal option to consider. The court allows a parent to file for child support modification when his or her cirumstances change. The modification aims to find a mutually beneficial arrangement between divorced spouses without compromising the best interests of the child.

Source: Huffington Post “Father of 27 arrested for child support issue, then released,” Sept. 11, 2013

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