Man owes child support for 24 children

Man owes child support for 24 children

Many California parents struggle with child support payments. Whether they are making payments or collecting them, it is never any fun to deal with all the issues that may be involved. However, those who are struggling may be relieved that they are not one man from Tennessee who owes child support for 24 children.

Initially, news outlets reported that the man, who is referred to as ‘Octodad’ in the media, had 30 kids for whom he is legally responsible. However, the number of his children has been established at 24 kids and he must pay child support for them all.

What is no laughing matter, however, is the fact that this man’s children are not getting the support they seriously need. Child support payments are intended to ensure that a child is financially supported by a non-custodial parent. The payments go towards clothes, education, food, and the general wellbeing of a child.

Some reports indicate that the 32-year-old man, who has been in prison for aggravated assault, pays as little as $1.49 for some of his children because of his minimal income. Sources also indicate that the man had children with 11 women who likely are left to bear the financial burden. Ultimately, though, his children are the ones who suffer from his irresponsibility.

While this story has many people talking, it is certainly a way to put more traditional child support cases in perspective. It may not sound as bad to make payments for one or two children anymore. At the end of the day, though, parents need to take financial responsibility for their children. Whether you have one or 24 children, they each deserve to be taken care of.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “‘Octodad’ update: Officially, he has only 24 kids, not 30,” Rene Lynch, June 1, 2012

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