Ludacris challenges the request of $15,000 monthly child support

Raising a child can be a difficult task, especially if one parent is absent, which can happens when the child is born out of wedlock. In Orange County, California, parents who raise their children by themselves rely on child support that is being paid by the noncustodial parent. Any delays in child support payments can add to the financial burden of the custodial parent, causing the person to pursue other options such as getting another job or relying on the financial assistance of the government.

Ludacris, rapper and actor, is in the middle of a child support issue. The court ordered him to pay $7,000 in monthly child support, but the actor asserted that he is incapable of paying that amount. Ludacris claims that since the production of the “Fast & Furious 7” was halted due to the sudden death of Paul Walker, his finances were greatly affected. The actor stated that he only earned $55,000 last year.

Ludacris became the father again when his former lover gave birth last December. The mother of the child requested $15,000 in monthly child support, which was contested by the father of the child. Last February, Ludacris sought to reduce the current amount of child support from $7,000 to $1,800. The judge who oversaw the case on Feb. 19 cut the amount requested by Fuller in half — to $7,000.

In this case, Ludacris has to convince the court that he is really incapable of paying the current amount of child support in order for it to be reduced. Readers who are currently facing the same issue need to understand that the amount of child support is based on the finances of the supporting party. If the supporting party is currently facing financial challenges, that parent can seek modification.

Source:, “Ludacris ordered to pay $7000/month to baby mama after crying broke,” March 2, 2014

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