Let the holidays pass before taking care of divorce

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The holidays cause so much joy for children and adults alike in Orange County, California. Some couples celebrate Christmas with their loved ones, although, at times, there are issues that trouble them, such as marital disputes. Sometimes, people endure the holiday season with smiles in order to have a peaceful holiday. After the holidays are over, some couples who are experiencing disputes file for a divorce. Experts have analyzed why couples might wait until after the holidays to file for divorce.

Often, the reasons are financial rather than emotional. Readers may already know how divorce affects the lives of famous celebrities and other high-profile couples because they read about it in the news. However, divorce may also happen to regular people who are having marital disputes and turn to divorce as a last resort.

Letting the holidays pass before ending their marriage allows more time for the spouse to think about what to do prior to divorce. When it comes to financial matters, the couple should consider their assets, bank accounts, debts and balances on credit cards and the remaining mortgage payments. These are necessary to understand how to divide the properties. The divorce settlement may be less complicated if these are done before going into the court or working with a divorce mediator.

Another reason why some couples wait until January is that many work bonuses are paid in January. Couples may be waiting for the bonus of the other spouse. The husband or wife may be entitled to half the bonus. In certain cases, the bonus becomes a separate asset, depending on the cut-off date of the divorce filing.

During Christmas, it may be best for both parties to set aside their disputes and give their children and the rest of the family a chance to have a celebration. By keeping emotions under control, a spouse who is troubled by the divorce issue may spare his or her family from stress.

Source: Reuters, “Considering divorce? Good reasons to wait for January,” Geoff Williams, Dec. 21, 2012

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