Legal fees addressed in Chad Johnson’s prenuptial agreement

Legal fees addressed in Chad Johnson’s prenuptial agreement

California couples who are planning a wedding are typically excited and caught up in a whirlwind of details and planning. However, it may be a good idea for those soon-to-be-married couples to take a step back and shift from planning for the short term to planning for the future. While it may be difficult to discuss at first, drawing up a prenuptial agreement might be one of those details that should be tended to.

While no couple wants to think about a divorce while they are still planning the wedding, it can be very important to consider. Hopefully, you will never have to refer back to the terms of a prenup and you and your spouse enjoy a long and happy marriage. However, in the event that there is a disagreement that cannot be resolved and a couple decides to get divorced, a prenuptial agreement can save spouses a lot of bitter arguments and difficult choices.

A prenuptial agreement can identify and proactively resolve a number of issues that may come up in a divorce. For example, it can lay out ownership of certain assets so that they are not divided unfairly. In some cases, prenups can include other very specific instructions for the divorce process.

Recently, former NFL player Chad Johnson agreed to a divorce that his wife requested earlier this month. The two had only been married for 40 days before a domestic altercation led to the split. Johnson had recently signed with the Miami Dolphins, but was released in response to an allegation of assault.

Johnson was reportedly heartbroken, and it is likely that money was not his primary concern. However, thanks to a prenuptial agreement he and his wife had in place, Johnson does not have to worry about paying for her legal bills. According to the terms of the 40-page document, each spouse will be responsible for his or her legal fees if they get divorced. While his soon-to-be ex-wife stated that she would pursue reimbursement from Johnson, he is requesting that the prenup terms be upheld.

Further details on what was included in their prenuptial agreement have not been disclosed, however, Johnson’s estranged wife is reportedly not asking for anything else beyond what was in the prenup.

Source: E! Online, “Chad Johnson Gives In, Responds to Divorce Case Filed by Evelyn Lozada,” Josh Grossberg and Baker Machado, Sept. 13, 2012

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