Is your divorce trial not going how you expected?


When you first started working with this client, you believed this case would be simple and straightforward. You discussed all the critical details, including issues in the marriage and a careful examination of all marital assets. You prepared for court, but now things aren’t going the way you had hoped or anticipated.

Maybe the attorney for your client’s ex is fabricating something you can’t disprove. Perhaps there was information your client didn’t think was relevant that has made your approach to this case obsolete. It’s even possible that the judge is simply not reacting the way you had hoped to your case. When you find yourself struggling to do what your client needs during a California divorce, it may be time to consider working with an outside attorney as an consultant for your case.

A fresh set of eyes and a new approach could help

When you’ve been attacking a problem using a certain method, you may struggle to find a better approach. Someone who hasn’t invested in a particular approach to your case may be able to offer a new idea or perspective that makes all the difference. Most everyone who works in your office will be familiar with how you chose to handle this case, so a truly fresh opinion needs to come from elsewhere.

Working with an attorney as a consultant can help strengthen your case, adjust your approach or find the source of the issues you’re having. Not only do you get the advantage that comes from another perspective on your case, you also get the brainpower of another attorney, working to help make your case’s outcome as favorable as possible.

Outside consultants can help prepare for an appeal

If you think you’ve tried your best during trial, you may worry about the potential outcome to an appeal. Are you concerned that your client will want to appeal and you don’t have enough appellate experience? Do you think there may be something you could be doing now to improve your chances of success if you do need to appeal the outcome of your family law trial?

Working with an attorney who has direct experience in appealing family law trial outcomes is your best hope of securing a better outcome for your client. This isn’t something you can gamble on or just try without understanding. You need the support, knowledge and experience of someone who has navigated the appellate process for family law before. Understanding how to proceed both now and during the appeals process can improve your chances of a positive outcome to the case.

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