Is an unfair judge ruining your case?


Staying on top of your family law case can prove very difficult, especially if you cannot get proper cooperation from the other players involved. Whether you’re representing a spouse in a divorce or some other family law issue, sometimes the tables simply turn against you and you may need to consider unconventional options in order to protect your clients’ interests.

One of the most difficult issues to face in many legal conflicts is a judge who does not treat you or your client fairly. But, they’re the judge, so what are you going to do about it?

It may be time to consult with another legal professional who can help you create a strong strategy to regain control of your case. As an attorney, you understand the incalculable value of good legal guidance in a crucial moment, especially when it comes to procedural matters.

Making use of a strong trial consultant can help you get the steering wheel of the case back in your hands and hopefully turn the matter around while keeping your clients rights and priorities protected (as well as your reputation).

Can you document your judge’s unfair tendencies?

If you have to deal with an unfair judge, your case may sink before you even really get it started. Depending on the nature of your complaint against the judge, and the questionable behavior that you can document, requesting that the judge recuse him- or herself is not out of the question.

This is a pretty strong move to make, and may stretch out the timeline of resolving your client’s legal matter considerably. Be sure that you and your client both agree that this is a strong choice for your goals before you move forward.

You may have to bring up your concerns with the judge before officially asking him or her to recuse themselves, giving them the opportunity to shift their behavior. Once you officially request a change of judges, you may find that the judge is freely willing to vacate the case, while some judges may fight back and require that you prove bias.

This is a dangerous move, but if your circumstances truly call for it, it is possible. Simply be sure you have all the guidance you need before you make big moves you cannot take back.

Proper legal guidance is not just for individuals outside of the legal community. In order to build the strong practice you deserve, it is sometimes useful to bring in specialists who can strengthen your positions and navigate particularly tricky legal conflicts.

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