If you are unhappy, it may be time to assess your marriage


No matter what rom-coms or romance novels may tell us, we know that maintaining a marriage is hard work. And every couple goes through periods that are especially difficult. If you are currently going through a rough patch, it is possible that with time and a cooperative effort, you and your spouse will get back on track.

But what if you suspect that your current problems are not a temporary condition, but rather part of a permanent trend? Well, in that case, it may be time to seriously assess your feelings and the status of your relationship.

A dating coach suggests a number of possible signs that indicate that your marriage is on a path toward divorce. Based on her suggestions, here are some questions that could help clarify your situation for you:

  • Do you find yourself coming up with reasons to avoid your spouse?
  • Do you and your spouse live more like roommates than husband and wife?
  • Are your interactions with your spouse mostly negative or very trying?
  • Have your friends or family been urging you to end your relationship?

But perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is “Am I happy?” While no one can be happy all the time, a healthy marriage is one in which partners respect one another. If your marriage is filled with acts of hostility and irresponsibility, your chances of being truly happy are likely quite slim.

But admittedly, divorce is a very big step which should only be taken after much soul-searching and contemplation. One way to better inform yourself about the divorce process is to discuss the matter with an experienced family law attorney. The attorney can fill you in on the legal details of the divorce process to help you make decisions that are best suited to your needs.

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