How to report a misuse of child support

How to report a misuse of child support

After the custody battle has ended, and parents have figured out an arrangement, it is likely that child support will be the next topic to discuss. Not all parents are thrilled about having to pay support, but knowing this money will be going towards ensuring their child is cared for the way they should be, they realize its importance and make the payments without hesitation. Some people may not want to pay child support because they simply don’t believe it is fair. However, some parents choose not to make payments because they know that the parent who is caring for the child full-time is not using the child support money on the child.

Ideally, child support should be used for things such as clothes, food, medical care and anything else that the child may need. Every parent who pays and receives child support is aware of this fact and are expected to follow these rules. Even though parents are often aware of what types of things they can spend child support on, this doesn’t stop them from ignoring this and purchasing things for themselves.

Should it be discovered that your child’s other parent is spending the child support money on themselves to purchase things such as clothes, jewelry and others items that do not benefit the child, they are misusing these funds and you may want to consider reporting them. It is never okay for this money to be used for personal items, so parents who do so should be reported. It is very likely that if nothing is said and the issue is not addressed, they will continue to do this, and your child will be the one to suffer.

When a parent is ordered to pay child support, they expect that the parent who is caring for the child will spend the money to make sure the child is properly cared for and looked after. Should a parent fail to use these funds for what they are intended, it is not something that should be ignored. Anyone who would like to report their child’s other parent for the misuse of child support, or has questions about how this money can be spent, can speak to an attorney at the Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers.

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