How to obtain child support payments in California

For divorced custodial parents in Orange County, California and elsewhere child support is important to ensure that the child has what he or she needs while growing up. The U.S. Census Bureau reported in 2009 that only 41.2 percent of custodial parents had received the full amount of child support owed to them, and nearly a third of these parents were not getting anything at all. Child support is badly needed in many cases because it is likely that, without the child support payments, the custodial parent will be living in poverty.

Family laws across the U.S. vary by state, but they all give legal solutions to a custodial parent to collect child support from a delinquent ex-spouse. Noncustodial parents are expected to pay child support because the court has ordered him or her to pay, according to the support agreement. The child support order is not final, though, which means the paying spouse can request child support modification.

The agreement on child support should be made in writing and should be approved by a judge. The ex-spouses can collaborate to settle child support issues out of court. Although it may seem odd for the divorced parents to speak with each other, they should remember that child support is for their children. However, if the other spouse is hiding assets or if there is a history of domestic violence, speaking with each other is not advisable.

There are several ways to collect child support payments. First of all, the noncustodial parent may ask for the help of a local child support enforcement agency. The collection agency can help gather the support payments for the custodial parent and file a case or proceed with other collection methods.

Finally, residents of Orange County may wish to consider hiring a legal professional. A legal professional can be of great help to ensure that child support is collected. A legal professional can help with the negotiation for child support between the divorced parents and file for contempt if the noncustodial parent willfully withholds child support. Additionally, a legal professional can help if modification is necessary.

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