How do I make custody exchange a safe event?

Exchanging the custody of your children with the other parent, who might be your former spouse, can very well be an awkward and difficult situation. Adults need to do everything in their power to make the situation as safe as possible for everyone involved, especially the children. So, how do you make custody exchange a safe event in California?

You need to choose a neutral location for the exchange and make sure it is the location used for every exchange. Don’t pick up the child at the other parent’s house and vice versa. Use a neutral spot like a police station, fire station, public library or even the child’s school. This will help both parents feel comfortable with the other, especially when there are quite a few members of the public present.

Set a time for the exchange and make sure you are never late. If you are running late due to traffic or some other circumstance beyond your control, you should always let the other parent know so he or she doesn’t think you are taking your time or ignoring the arrangement.

If the relationship between you and the other parent is not a good one, you should ask a neutral third party to attend the exchanges. This can be a teacher of the child, a police officer or another member of the public who is present. The third party can even make the exchange so you don’t have to speak with the other parent.

The exchange of child custody is an important part of every child custody arrangement. If you follow the tips outlined in this post, everyone involved in the exchange should feel safe when meeting at the designated spot in Orange, California.

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