How a modification in child support can help your child

How a modification in child support can help your child

Child custody and support can sometimes be touchy subjects for parents. Not only may the noncustodial parent be upset that they were not awarded custody of their child, they may not be too happy about having to pay child support either. In many cases, after a parent has been ordered to pay child support, they will continue to pay that specific amount until the agreement ends or there is a request made by the other parent to increase the amount they are paying.

As children grow, their needs change. A lot of the time when a child’s needs change, more money is required to care for them. The custodial parent may recognize this increase in needs and may make a request to modify the child support order. Since it is the responsibility of both parents to care for the child financially, then it is only fair that the child support payments be increased.

Just because a parent requests a modification in the child support order does not mean it will happen. Before a parent can receive more money, the judge has to review the case and determine if there is really a need to increase the monthly payments. If they agree with you and see that that child’s needs have in fact increased, then you may be granted the modification and start to receive more in child support.

Anyone who would like to get child support from the other parent of their child or who is having difficulty getting the other parent to make their monthly payments should contact an attorney. Your child has two parents and they both should be contributing. An attorney can help with your case and get your child the money they deserve.

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