How a child support attorney can help with your case

How a child support attorney can help with your case

When the divorce of two people occurs, if a child is involved, it is common for one parent to pay child support. The amount of this support is determined by the California Child Support Guidelines. This amount that one parent pays is what they can afford to contribute to their child financially, so they can continue to maintain a similar lifestyle to the one they had when his or her parents were married. This formula may be fair to most, but this doesn’t always mean that what the child will be receiving is a fair amount to others, especially if the other parent can contribute more.

Although there is a formula used to determine the amount of child support a parent will pay, there are certain circumstances in which a deviation from the child support guidelines is necessary. An example would be if the parent has a high income or the child has special needs. It can be rather expensive to care for a child with special needs, so it could be argued that the parent who is responsible for paying child support should pay more than what the formula has calculated.

In order to build a strong case against your spouse and get your child the support they deserve, you may require the assistance of an attorney. Certain attorneys are familiar with this process and may be able to increase the chances of the court granting this increase in child support. With this increase, your child may be able to live comfortably and not experience the financial effects of divorce.

If your spouse is currently paying child support, but you feel as though it is not a sufficient amount to allow your children to maintain a certain lifestyle, an attorney at The Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers, APC may be able to assist.

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