Helping you deal with your emotions during divorce

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Helping you deal with your emotions during divorce

For many Californians, meeting someone, falling in love, having children and spending their life with that one person offers the ideal life. In reality, not everyone is able to achieve this. Marriages fail for a variety of reasons, and too often people are left with the emotional and sometimes financial wreckage that is divorce.

Most people facing the end of their marriage are emotional. Frequently the emotional upheaval makes one or both spouses unable to deal rationally with another. Our firm understands how hard it is to accept that the marriage has failed even though one or both parties tried to make it work.

This is where many divorcing spouses forget that other issues in divorce are more important than the failure of their marriage, including child custody and support, spousal support and property and asset division. Each issue will play a big role in a spouse’s life after divorce, so making the right decisions is critical. Fortunately, we can help you handle your emotions so that you can more easily deal with these issues and make better decisions during the divorce process. Our team of professionals has training in the emotional issues that are common during divorce, and they can explain how to cope with emotions in a way that allows you to concentrate on the most important matters. We may also be able to help you communicate with your spouse without fueling disagreement and conflict.

In any kind of negotiation, thinking clearly can help you reach the best decision. We are here to assist you with that and ensure that your rights and interests are protected. Beyond the emotional pain of a failed marriage, there may be new opportunities. Sometimes the end of a marriage may reveal those possibilities and offer new choices that can bring happiness again.

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Dorie A. Rogers, a Family Law Specialist, Certified by the State Bar of California, has been an attorney since 1981 with an exclusive family law practice located in Orange County. She is accepting dissolution cases with support and property issues including the use of forensics to ascertain business value, community interests and to establish monthly case flow analysis. Ms. Rogers has substantial experience in high conflict custody litigation involving sophisticated psychological issues. She drafts premarital and postmarital agreement designed to define and establish parties' separate and community property interests. Paternity cases and domestic violence matters are considered part of her practice. Ms. Rogers is a court-approved and court-appointed to represent minor children.Ms. Rogers consults with individuals concerned about entering or exiting a relationship. She advises effective strategies for dissolution or premarital planning. Knowledge is power and good planning affords better results.Specialties: Family Law Specialist, Certified by the State Bar of California
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