Have a plan for disaster in child custody cases


Nobody can see into the future to plan for every situation that might come up. When you have a child custody case, you might have to try your best to think about what disasters you might face so that you can plan for those. We know that this might be difficult but there are some situations that should be discussed now.

You have to remember that you and your ex will have to work as a team for child custody matters. The high stress that comes with disaster situations might make this very difficult. Having a plan ready can help. Consider these points:

What happens if school lets out early unexpectedly?

A natural disaster, severe weather or several other types of situations might mean that school lets out early. Which parent needs to pick the child up? Are there any other family members who might be able to help out? What will happen once the child is picked up? These plans can help you avoid a last minute rush to try to figure things out when this occurs.

Who will have the children if there is a natural disaster?

There are sometimes warnings that there will be a natural disaster or other emergency situation. You need to discuss what is going to happen if there is an impending disaster. Who will have the child with them? How will the other parent be told the status of the child’s safety? These points should be determined now so there aren’t misunderstandings in the future.

What happens if there is a medical emergency?

Most parents hate to think about anything happening to their children. Since you do have a child custody situation, you need to think about what happens if there is a medical issue. Will the parent who is nearest to the child make the decisions about medical care or will both parents need to have a say? What kinds of medical decisions will require input from both parents? We know these might be difficult questions, but answering them now can help you considerably.

We can help you work through all of these points in your child custody agreement. You might save yourself and your child from undue stress by making these plans right away.

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