Halle Berry won’t have to pay spousal support thanks to prenup

Halle Berry won’t have to pay spousal support thanks to prenup

People who decide to get a prenuptial agreement often have a lot to lose in the event of a divorce. Since they do not want their spouse to be able to get certain things when they end the marriage, they may choose to protect their property and assets and avoid losing everything. People like celebrities who make a lot of money often own high value property and assets, so it is not uncommon for them to choose to get a prenuptial agreement.

Actress Halle Berry and her husband Olivier Martinez have filed for divorce after two years of marriage. Irreconcilable differences was reportedly cited as the reason for the split. Allegedly, there was a prenuptial agreement in place that Martinez signed before the two were married. It was not revealed whether or not he will be awarded any property from the actress, but it was stated that he will not be receiving spousal support, as this was agreed upon in the prenup.

While prenuptial agreements can include spousal support and outline a number of other divorce legal matters, they do not have to include everything. Since two people have to agree on the terms prior to signing, it is likely that neither of them saw a need for spousal support to be awarded if they divorced.

When people decide to get married, it is wise for them to want to protect their property and assets in the event of a divorce. Anyone who plans to marry may want to consider contacting an attorney who can help them draft a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage. You may not always agree with the state laws when it comes to property division and spousal support, so it is more appealing to set the terms yourself, and prenup will help do just that.

Source: ABC News, “Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez to Divorce After 2 Years,” Oct. 27, 2015

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