Guiding you through your child-support modification request

Guiding you through your child-support modification request

For many children in California, financial support from a parent who lives apart from them plays an important role in their lives. In many cases, child support provided by a noncustodial parent becomes the main source of income for the children’s households and something the custodial parent depends on each month. Child support buys food for the child and pays for school expenses and extracurricular activities.

Sometimes, though, big life changes change how much the supporting parent can provide. Whether it is an economic downturn and rapidly rising costs or a job loss or severe illness, the noncustodial parent may not be able to provide enough to meet a child’s needs. This is when requesting a change in the amount of child support may be essential.

Modifying a child support order in California is not easy. Courts carefully consider different factors to see whether a decrease or increase is merited, and they will require documentation to confirm that the modification request is legitimate. The incomes of both parents, the costs of medical insurance, daily living expenses and other benefits are all taken into consideration. Any loss of income by the supporting parent is examined carefully by the court to make sure it is not a deliberate attempt to avoid paying the amount ordered by the court or to ask for more.

Our Orange County family law firm can assist parents in determining all the evidence that supports a modification request. We have handled many child-support issues, including modification requests, and we know what the courts are looking for in order to justify a modification.

Whatever the clients’ reasons are for modification requests, we always listen and work to find ways to help our clients achieve a favorable outcome. And we always put children’s well-being first in each and every child-support and family issue.

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