Getting help from a divorce attorney following mediation

It is not uncommon for a couple that is divorcing to experience issues during the separation process. Some may be able to divorce and agree upon things without a huge dispute, while other couples may run into a few bumps that can prolong the divorce being granted. Any dispute during the divorce process can cause a delay, so if couples cannot agree, they have a few options before things head to court.

Following the filing of the divorce, couples may find that they disagree on certain issues, such as child custody or property division. These disagreements may cause the couples to enter mediation, so they can try to work through the issues and come to an agreement that everyone is happy with. Even though having the couple resolve their issues is the goal, that doesn’t always happen.

Spouses who are experiencing a disagreement on certain issues may find that mediation is not helpful. During divorce, people may be determined to get what they want, but if his or her spouse has the same idea in mind, the disputes will only continue. With the help of an attorney, couples may be able to achieve what they could not during mediation and come to an agreement and settle out-of-court. This may be a good thing because a judge may not agree with any spouse and no one will get what they want.

If you and your spouse plan to divorce, you may need a divorce attorney to help you through the process. An attorney at the Law Offices of Dorie A. Rogers may be able to assist you. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side could help you and your soon-to-be former spouse come to an agreement on common divorce issues and finally put an end to the disputes.

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