Financial obligations for your children are important


Raising a child is expensive. The cost might not seem as great when both parents are in a relationship and contributing to the costs of the home and the child. When the parents divorce, there is a chance that one parent might struggle to cover the costs of raising the child. This is where child support comes in. It puts the weight of the financial responsibility on both parents.

It can be difficult to think about the financial obligation that comes with child support. The paying parent might not look forward to having to hand money over to their ex. They should remember that the adult is merely the vessel for the money to travel through. It is still used for the expenses related to the children.

You probably have some questions about what is going to happen with this aspect of the divorce. In California, the court has a set formula for determining what a parent should pay. Because this is based on what is best for the child, you can’t have terms for these payments in a prenuptial agreement.

On top of the regular payments, you also have to think about other expenses. For example, the child will need to be covered by one parent’s medical insurance. The court order will cover this. It can also include orders for paying child care, school expenses, uninsured medical bills and other costs.

Since child support is based on both parent’s financial situations, it is possible that the order will change over time. Modifications can come if one parent has a significant change in their circumstances. We can work with you if this needs to occur in your case.

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