Ex-Major League player on the run for back child support

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Ex-Major League player on the run for back child support

Divorce is such a common event in modern American life that it is not surprising when a professional athlete or other celebrity shares the fate by millions of other parents who end up with orders to support ex-spouses and children. What is surprising is that former Major League Baseball player Danny Tartabull, an outfielder who enjoyed a 14-year career and made it to the All-Star Game, has struck out when it comes to paying child support. He currently sits atop Los Angeles County’s list of biggest child-support defaulters.

According to L.A. County’s Child Support Services Department, Tartabull owes more than $276,000 in back child support. The 50-year-old former player pleaded no contest in 2011 for failing to support his two sons. When he did not comply with conditions of his probation, a court ordered him to serve 180 days in jail. When he failed to appear to serve his sentence, a warrant was issued for his arrest. His whereabouts remain unknown.

Tartabull played for five teams before signing a $2-million contract with Philadelphia in 1997. Unfortunately, injuries limited him to just three games before he ended his career with the Phillies. Still, he had earned roughly $33 million over the course of his career. He also gained fame and some more money by appearing in a few “Seinfeld” episodes.

Even the most fortunate and successful parent can have trouble paying child support. For a noncustodial parent who has less financial wherewithal than Tartabull, missing payments often means hardship for their children.

Any noncustodial parent who must pay child support but is having trouble meeting his or her obligation should seek help from an attorney. Parents who cannot comply with the current required level of support can request a child-support modification. If granted, this can prevent a contempt charge and meet their children’s financial needs.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “Ex-Major League Baseball Player Tops Child Support “Most Wanted” List,” Dan Stamm, July 12, 2013

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