Ensuring that child support calculations are just and fair

Ensuring that child support calculations are just and fair

Whether parents have an amicable divorce or not, California family law views children as the innocent ones who can be negatively affected by their parents’ separation. The law also sets a standard for parents when it comes to responsibility and obligation towards their child, particularly in the financial aspect. This is where child support comes in. Child support is a financial obligation that remains regardless of the marital status of the child’s parents.

In California, child support is based on a certain formula and guidelines. The formula usually takes into account the income of both parents, the type of custody awarded by the court and the capability of the child support payer to provide financial support. Under such circumstances, it is important for both parties to truthfully disclose all sources of income. Just like in the property division process, full disclosure is important in order to ensure that the amount of the child support calculated is fair and reasonable.

In such instances, our Orange County-based family law firm can help ensure the declaration of income and expense in the child support calculation process. This is one to help make sure our client’s rights and interests are protected from unfair calculations of child support.

We can also inform a parent of the possible consequences of failure to complete an income and expense declaration. Any form of dishonesty when it comes to disclosure of assets and liabilities may result in serious monetary penalties for that parent. It may also affect the entire decision of the court regarding the child support amount.

Additionally, we may be able to make sure that the child support amount calculated is based on the best interests of the child. There are many factors to consider when calculating child support. Despite this, the amount should support the financial needs of the child and include basic necessities from school to healthcare.

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