Emotional joint custody for California parents

Emotional joint custody for California parents

Not all households feel the same about the holidays, particularly families recently separated or divorced. Divorced families in California may experience the same anxiety when the holiday season rolls around. The season may bring memories, especially for children, of their once intact family. Dealing with those emotions and memories can create a stressful situation for divorced parents.

Even for parents who are completely finished with the divorce process, child support determination, property division and child custody, there may still be some challenges in getting through a family-centered time of year.

Divorced parents who maintain an amicable relationship may be better at handling family interactions during the holidays but there may still be some painful moments for parents and children alike. Nevertheless, families can still have a joyous holiday by employing the new theory of “emotional” joint custody.

With emotional joint custody, divorced parents can share the holidays together with their children. Divorced parents can invite the other parent to a holiday dinner or other celebrations. Parents may host a get-together where the whole family can enjoy the holiday season without conflicts and issues.

Parents should remember that children especially yearn for their family to be together and get along. It is the best interests of the children that make emotional joint custody such an appealing option.

During divorce proceedings, the court always considers the well-being of the children. Parents are asked to be more involved in their children’s everyday lives. Parents often have the ability to formulate flexible visitation arrangements and schedules for parenting time. Scheduling joint holiday events and get-togethers and agreements to set aside disagreements may be the best holiday gift parents give to their children.

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