Custody battle shows Material Girl has a very human heart

Custody battle shows Material Girl has a very human heart

One of the strongest instincts people can possess is the desire to remain connected to their children. But sadly, sometimes circumstances conspire to separate a parent from his or her child. And as you may know, if you are obstructed from being with your child there is simply nothing, including vast amounts of wealth, that can fill the emotional void.

Pop singer Madonna, the so-called Material Girl herself, is a case in point. In recent months, the star has been involved in a protracted child custody battle with her former husband, film director Guy Ritchie.

The legal wrangling began in December of last year, when the famous pair’s son, Rocco, opted to remain in London with his father rather than return to the United States to be with his mother. This decision was in conflict with a court order stipulating that the teenager should return to New York after spending time with his father.

According to reports, Madonna reached out to her son via social media in the hope of encouraging a reconciliation. And reportedly, in March of this year, the singer emotionally dedicated a song to the young man after expressing how much she missed him.

Recently, an agreement was reached that ended the nine-month custody dispute. And while the details of the agreement were not released, we can only hope that it is a step toward repairing the mother and son’s relationship.

Such family conflicts are not uncommon. Perhaps you are having custody issues that have driven a wedge between you and your child. If this is the case, it is more important than ever that you are able to spend time together to hash things out and get your relationship back on track. And an experienced family law attorney can work on your behalf to make sure the conditions of your parenting agreement are met. By taking action, you can reform the bond you had with your child.

Source: E! News, “Madonna Settles Child Custody Battle With Guy Ritchie,” McKenna Aiello, Sept. 7, 2016

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