Custody battle continues between Melissa Etheridge and her ex

Custody battle continues between Melissa Etheridge and her ex

It is not uncommon for Orange County parents to continue to argue long after a divorce or separation. When they share a child, there are still many ongoing discussions that need to take place in order to ensure that a child is taken care of. One reason parents may continue to be at odds after a split may be in relation to the child custody arrangements.

In most cases, courts favor a joint physical custody arrangement so that a child can spend time with both parents. It is in a child’s best interest for both parents to be involved in his or her life. However, it can be difficult on the parents since they are no longer in a relationship with each other. Even when a custody arrangement has been decided, parents may continue to fight and request modifications of the agreement.

When singer Melissa Etheridge split from her partner and ex-fiancé Tammy in April 2010, she likely did not expect to be arguing over child custody two years later. However, recent claims have sparked a battle between the two and a custody hearing has been set.

According to documents filed by Etheridge, she is requesting that she is awarded more time with the five-year-old twins she and Tammy share. She claims that her ex is against a joint custody arrangement even though it is recommended for the sake of the children.

In addition to wanting more time with her children, Etheridge also wants a judge to order that their children live in a smoke-free environment. She claims that Tammy accidentally burned one of the kids with a cigarette.

Even though the couple broke up two years ago, they still must work together in the parenting of their children. Divorced parents should be able to cooperate with one another, even when it is difficult. If one parent cannot do this, a judge may take that into consideration when determining custody.

Long after a couple breaks up, they need to commit to working together as parents. While it is preferable that they cooperate, that is not always a reality and sometimes legal action needs to be taken.

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