Creating a prenup should be done early in the engagement


Prenuptial agreements are important for just about everyone who is getting married, even if they don’t have considerable assets going into the marriage. We know that bringing up a prenuptial agreement to your future spouse might be difficult. Just remember not to try to rush into the discussion about this.

Instead, talk about it as early in the engagement as possible. This gives both parties time to think about the terms that are included and to determine if any changes need to be made.

When you are creating a prenup, you must be fully honest. You can’t omit any financial information because missing information means that the other party didn’t get to make an informed decision about whether to sign it or not. This could invalidate the entire agreement.

These documents must be balanced to protect both parties if a divorce occurs. Having an agreement that favors one spouse can lead to the entire agreement being tossed out by the family courts.

It is best for both parties have their respective attorneys review the document to ensure that it is something they should sign. You and your future spouse might be tempted to use the same attorney, but this could create a conflict of interest.

We realize that some people might not think they need a prenuptial agreement because they aren’t wealthy. If you current have family heirlooms or think that you might inherit some in the future, be sure to include those in the prenuptial agreement. We can work with you to ensure that you have everything covered in the document so that you and your betrothed can enjoy the protections of the agreement.

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