Create a new parenting relationship with your ex


Many decisions come into the picture when you are coming up with a parenting plan. One that might be overlooked is how the two homes will come together to provide stability for your children. This doesn’t mean that you have to do everything the same way as your ex. Instead, the focus should be on helping the children with the transition from one home to another.

If your children are younger, some major points, such as bedtime should be consistent between both homes. You can’t expect these children to be able to adjust to huge shifts in the rules. Some of these should be shared between homes. For example, your children might be required to read 30 minutes per day. Having a set time for this to happen at both homes can help the child to remember to get this done.

We know that this might not seem like something that is going to be easy, especially when you and your ex don’t get along. The good news here is that you can work with your ex to create a new relationship that is based solely on the children. The first step to this is to set the ground rules, which must include mutual respect.

Part of divorce with children is coming up with a parenting plan. This sets the terms of how everything is going to go with your children. Having this to rely on can take the stress out of the situation so that you and your ex can focus on making sure that your children have the love and stability that will help them adapt to the new way of life and overcome the challenges.

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